Thursday, October 29, 2015

Above And Beyond


My MacBook Pro from Christmas of 2011 wouldn't boot up last Sunday. Tried everything I could find online and, when I had absolutely no success with anything, I gave up hope. At the suggestion of a friend, I called Apple's tech support and they helped me trouble shoot it. Long story short, we discovered that it was a graphics card issue. My computer was obviously long outside the 1 year warranty, but I guess there was a known issue with the graphic cards manufactured during that time and they had a program in place for free. I made an appointment for the genius bar. They confirmed it the problem and told me they'd have it fixed in three to five days. Three days later, it's ready to be picked up. They repaired it completely free of charge. In fact, they fixed an issue they found with my charging port that I didn't even know I had.

I'm a lover of all things coffee. Give me some nice Four Barrel coffee beans with a Kenyan origin and brew that with a V60 pour over, I'm in temporary heaven. If I have a bit of a sweet tooth, an Irish Cream latte always hits the spot. I have the consumer model of the Toddy cold brew system, so I can make some deliciously smooth cold brew coffee for the warmer days. From April through September, I was working as a barista at the lovely coffee shop - A Cup Of Common Wealth. I learned a crap ton, and my obsession with that silly bean only grew larger.

I'm ramping up my home coffee game and now concentrating on making good espresso and espresso drinks. I ordered a ton of stuff the other day and the first shipment arrived today. Unfortunately, the two shot glasses I ordered were broken in transit. I gave Barista Pro Shop a call. A very sweet lady answered the phone and she made it right with no questions asked. Didn't require any proof, didn't need any money from me, just immediately put in an order to replace them. They shipped about an hour later and will be here tomorrow. They also threw in a full sized bottle of Irish Cream syrup for my trouble, no cost. Didn't even mention it, I only know about it from the shipping confirmation email I received.

I'm a big believer in good customer service being beneficial to your business. These two instances that just happened this week were examples of great customer service. You can be assured that I will be doing business with these companies as much as possible in the future because they took care of me. Not only that, but they went above and beyond. I would have been perfectly content if they simply fixed my initial issues. They hit it out of the park by doing more than necessary. I didn't major in business, but I have a firm grasp on people, and I think that's a great business model. Make sure your customers aren't just happy, make them swoon. I wonder if there might be a life lesson in there somewhere?

Josh Kelly

Sunday, October 11, 2015



2015 has been and will continue to be quite a big year for me.

I'll admit, it's been hard. I've struggled many times to simply stay afloat. Running my own business and starting a second one, then picking up a part time job, as well as staying busy with other aspects of life - I've overworked myself. I do my best not to complain, so please don't look at this as me searching for pity. I'm just telling it as it is.

In about a month we will be packing up in our car with our two dogs, maybe our 6 foot plush giraffe, and some personal belongings and we will embark on our journey across the country for our move to California. Los Angeles has been calling our names for several years, this November we're finally answering. We're going to take it slow for our pups and for my own sanity, but also making it a more pleasurable extended trip visiting several cities on our way out there.

I've started a few different blogs over the years and occasionally I'll get nostalgic and go back to read them. It's a really interesting and unique way to get inside the head space I was in at the time. Instead of picking up where another blog left off, I've decided to start a new one. I've changed a lot over the past couple years. I dare say that I'm a different person. Time for something different.

This is a season of change. I want to keep some record of what's going on and what's going through my mind.

I'm not necessarily writing this for anyone else. This space is mostly for myself. I'm going to add a little bit to the noise on the internet. I haven't really ever been one for a person journal, but I do like the idea, so I figured if there's a chance that my words might reach someone else I might be able to motivate myself to write. I haven't actually written anything in years. I used to write blogs, movie scripts, songs, and poems. Not in a long time. Maybe if I can get in the practice of using the written word I might find myself finding themes impactful to me that could find there way into creative work.

I imagine that these words will largely be stream of consciousness and unfiltered expression of thought. It probably wont be tidy. I'll try to not make it habit, but there might be some language, so I wont be offended if you don't come back if that isn't your thing. If I get political or theological, I'm sure a plenty of people will disagree and that's fine. I promise to keep it civil and keep an open mind. Always on a journey and trying to figure everything out. I'll try to keep it more personal than anything else. No promises, but I hope to include many photos along the way. Let's see where this goes.

Josh Kelly